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6 Top Reasons to Eat Pizza

What’s on the menu for dinner? Maybe it’s time to add pia to the menu. It’s a food the whole family will love, but that’s only one of the many reasons to make it a pizza night at your house. Check 6 of the top reasons to eat more pizza -as often as you can.

1.    Have it Your Way: No, it isn’t Burger King, but you can still have it your way when it’s time to enjoy pizza. Order out or make it yourself and choose from a variety of crusts, toppings, cheeses, and sauces to make it your very own.

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2.    Tons of Choices: You’ll find pizza is a hit in most every country -and they all have their own style. It’s worth trying them all out at least once, especially the brick oven Italian style pizza and, of course, the great brazilian pizza san francisco ca.

3.    Kids Love Pizza: When there are kids to feed, pizza always wins over their hearts. They love pizza and just pepperoni is all they need to be happy.  You can’t go wrong when pizza is on the menu.

4.    It’s Easy: Whether you choose to throw your own pizza pie together and bake it at home or go to a great pizza shop in town, it’s easy to enjoy pizza whenever you get the urge for the pie.

5.    Affordable: Pizza is an affordable menu option that you can enjoy any time of the day, including for breakfast. Why spend so much money on fast food when it doesn’t fill you up when pizza is there?

6.    Good For You: Although pizza isn’t the healthiest thing you can eat if you toss on all those meats, it does have its health perks, such as the dairy in the cheese and lycopene in the tomato sauce.