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Just Thinking About Pastry Can Make Anyone Hungry

Go and have yourself something to eat. There you go. Are you not feeling better then? Your tummy seems to think so. It has had its fill. And it is not doing too badly. Going overboard could have given the poor little tummy its proverbial nasty (little?) tummy ache. It happens to a lot of folks who ignore their hunger pangs for too long and then end up raiding their larders and really going at it and over-eating. So folks, in case you’re on the road or just so busy, let this little hungry note serve as your friendly reminder.

It is a friendly warning to not ignore your little tummy’s cry for help. And when it does, pop around for a few pastries schaumburg treats. Having held out for so long, you can just as well take your time going over the treats on display behind the cabinet’s glass. And what do you see? Lots and lots of yummy little cookies. There’s sourdough treats too for those who have that taste. And here’s a treat that is great for sharing. Because if you knock back this decadent giant all by yourself, you could very well end up with a little tummy trouble.

pastries schaumburg

And get in the habit, you’ll be on the decks in the battle of the bulge. This is a sugary treat that goes all the way back to the Scandinavian country of Denmark. It is called the Copenhagen. It’s even got raisins and sometimes even nuts in it too. Very nice! Never mind what you’ve seen on your favorite detective shows. Folks, it is really happening. Hardworking coppers really do nip out for a box of donuts to be shared among comrades during the coffee break.